FPGA-Based Implementation of a Graphical LCD Screen Controller.

Altium LiveDesign board with Xilinx Spartan 3.

Photos gallery shows example device, LCD – Matsushita Electronic Industrial – EDMGR37KCF used.


Controller specification
8 (possibility for more colors by software algorithms)
Frame frequency:
125 Hz
Memory access:
85,5 fps (with sync)
123,5 fps (without sync)
Matrix type:
Matrix resolution: SVGA (800×600)
-specialized LocalBus
-simple 12bit interface (for uC)
Build-in functions: -double buffer
-two sizes fonts
-characters cursor controller
-mouse cursor controller
-simple 2D graphics functions

LCD controller block schematic:

LCD controller block schematic

LCD controller FPGA design schematic:

LCD controller FPGA design schematic

Example usage schematic:

Example usage schematic